SLATE's Osita Nwanevu And The Alarming Rise of BROWN Nationalism in the DEMOCRATIC Party
February 26, 2018, 09:29 AM
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Osita Nwanevu was tasked with covering CPAC for Slate and he actually did a fairly decent job of it considering that he's an admitted leftist who easily could have just reduced his analysis to point-and-splutter hit pieces that consisted of nothing more than "OMG guys, I am literally shaking right now."

Nwanevu didn't do that though. Instead he basically noted that the populist "America First" styled nationalism that propelled Donald Trump's insurgent presidential campaign all the way to the White House is now the dominant ideology in the conservative movement.

"Two years ago, Trump, fearing a chilly reception, skipped CPAC to campaign in Kansas. By the time he took the stage last year, his capture of the conservative movement was mostly complete."

What CPAC Was Really About, By Osita Nwanevu, Slate, February 25, 2018

In his coverage, Nwanevu even interviewed VDare founder Peter Brimelow at CPAC where he inaccurately referred to Peter as a "White Nationalist" in the title of his article even though, in the interview, Peter rejected being identified with that label. This led me to question Nwanevu on what criteria he uses when applying such a label. Like most online debates, our back and forth in the Twitter thread quickly went no where and ended with both participants abandoning it when it obviously was going off track.

But there was one redeeming outcome when Nwanevu agreed to a definition for when someone could accurately be labeled a "Brown Nationalist”.

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I want to thank Nwanevu for helping me to define this dangerous ideology which seems to be more and more prevalent in the Democratic Party with each passing day.

You can spot this hateful and dangerous threat whenever a Democrat lauds the "browning of America" and gloats about how the demographic displacement of the white majority of this nation will be great for the country.

Now I ask you readers to help us identify these Brown Nationalists who fit the above criteria so we can finally address this alarming and growing racial extremism in the Democratic Party.