Sierra Club Patriotic Logo No Longer Operative
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Sierra Club Patriotic Logo

The Sierra Club used to have the motto

"Protect America's Environment

 Our Families, For Our Future"

this motto is no longer operative. That graphic above is not from an official Sierra website, but from a presentation by biologist Stuart Hurlburt in the year 2000.

Here are some quotes from that presentation:

Leader in the Globalist Copout Movement

(in defiance of its motto)

A Sierra Club ballot issue 

Should the Sierra Club advocate limiting immigration to stabilize the U.S. population and protect the environment? 

Attack by politically correct ostriches 

Adam Werbach, National Sierra Club President

"There is no place for the Sierra Club to be involved in blaming immigrants for environmental problems..." 

Peter Andersen, SDSU Professor, Sierra Club, SD Chapter

"This type of Draconian measure to close the door behind us and not let any more people in is not the solution."

Armando Soto Mayer, Sierra Club, LA Chapter

This ballot is "an issue of racism"

Carl Pope, National Sierra Club Executive Director

"If we do not solve our population crisis globally we will not solve it at all."


For more on Carl Pope, Executive Director, see Carl Pope and The Virus of Hate, for more on the Sierra Club's reasons for coming out in favor of immigration, see Brenda Walker's series on Sierra Club funder David Gelbaum:

Just what is the cost to buy off the Sierra Club—once the most respected environmental organization in America?

A low nine figure sum does the job according to the Los Angeles Times in its story last fall about David Gelbaum, one of the key funders of the 112-year-old environmental organization. ["The Man Behind the Land" by Kenneth R. Weiss, Oct. 17, 2004]

A nice round $100 million was enough for Executive Director Carl Pope to toss the principles of honesty, democracy and conservation out the window.

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