Shootings In Dekalb, Illinois—This Time Gunman's Race Mentiond
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A young man shot a bunch of people at Northern Illinois University, and then shot himself. I've already found a story identifying his race. And why is the gunman's race mentioned? Because he's white.
The man, who shot up to 18 people, was armed with a shotgun and pistol. He was described as a young white male dressed all in black.Gunman goes berserk in classroom - World -Sydney Morning Herald February 15, 2008 - 10:18AM (Australian Time, this is about now our time)
As you might expect, Northern Illinois University students are required to be unarmed and defenseless at all times—here's the official policy:

3-1.5 Dangerous Weapons:

1.5a Possession, use, sale, or distribution in any residence hall, building, or grounds under university control of: fireworks, firearms, shotguns, rifles, hand guns, switchblade knives, any type of ammunition, explosives, and all other serious weapons.

1.5b Misuse of martial arts weaponry, BB guns, pellet guns, clubs, knives, and all other serious weapons.

Students who wish to bring firearms to the campus must obtain written permission from the chief security officer of the university. Firearms must be stored at the University Security Office except with written permission of the chief security officer of the university. At no time will any of the above dangerous weapons be allowed in the university residence halls.

[Student Code Of Conduct (PDF)]
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