Shooting in New York Immigrant Aid Center
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My heart goes out to the all families affected by the recent shooting. James Fulford has pointed out, the shooter was an East Asian male. Mass immigration and the accompanying financial crisis have created an inherently volatile situation in the US. Expansion of H-1b and related visas has greatly affected East Asian males in the US—literally cutting off the one major legitimate route to upward mobility many see followed by others they can identify with. I have known many East Asian co-workers in Silicon Valley. The pressures many of them are under in the US are unbearable. For both their sake and ours the US should be far more selective accepting immigrants, more careful in assuring immigrants legally admitted can expect a decent life and provide greater aid for those who find they really aren't cut out for life in the US and need to return home. Welcoming someone into a life that drives them to suicide and murder is not doing anyone any favor.
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