Shooting Cars: The Washington Shooter, Richard Pryor, And My Mother The Juror
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From the NYT:

Suspect’s Past Fell Just Short of Raising Alarm 
... As an honorably discharged veteran, he cleared a basic hurdle to receive a Defense Department security pass. Despite his being investigated by police departments in Seattle and Fort Worth, for firing a gun in anger, no charges were filed that would have shown up in his F.B.I. fingerprint file. .... Mr. Alexis was also twice investigated by other police departments in shooting episodes — once for firing through his ceiling in Fort Worth, Tex., and another time for shooting out a car’s tires in Seattle, during what he described as an anger-fueled blackout. 


Can you really go around shooting other people's cars without having charges filed? I recall that Richard Pryor had charges filed against him for stopping his wife from leaving him by shooting out the tires and engine of her car. I remember this because my mom was chosen to be on Pryor's jury. (The case got postponed and her panel of jurors was dismissed.)

Pryor discusses killing the car from 2:15 to 3:40 in the video above.
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