Shock! Wisdom on Birthright Citizenship from Boston Academic
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Here is a fine column from an unlikely source Flawed immigration policy is sinking our ship By Wendy Murphy August 15 2020

Belmont, Mass. – Even the staunchest liberals can't deny that Illegal immigration is a monstrous and growing problem that we can no longer afford….If these were flush times, it might not matter as much. But our porous borders enable an influx of too many people with costly burdens and few benefits. It's easy to feel compassion for those who desperately want to come here for a better life. But the United States is like a lifeboat on the Titanic. We can't keep adding people without sacrificing the entire boatload to certain death.

Not everything Murphy says will please all’s readers

We need a smarter plan that allows amnesty for productive, if illegal, members of our communities

But much will

… while simultaneously erecting meaningful barriers to new illegal immigration and requiring aggressive deportation of millions of illegals unworthy of citizenship… First, we have to accept as a premise that just being illegal is a crime… Second, anyone who is here illegally and is in prison for committing another crime should immediately be deported… Finally, we need to stop ”birthright citizenship"

Murphy is described as

a leading victim’s rights advocate…and an adjunct professor at New England Law in Boston.

This means she is not tenured: hopes this column does not cost her job.

She is also a contributor to The Daily Beast, where surprise! this column did not appear.

Applaud Wendy Murphy

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