Sexism In America—Imported!
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Need a good reason to learn Spanish, as candidate B. Hussein Obama believes we should? It can be useful to understand the insults being spoken about you.
A roulette worker at Foxwoods came up the big loser when he bet that nine women gathered around his table - including an NYPD sergeant, FBI special agent and a Long Island cop - couldn't understand the gross comments he was making about them in Spanish.

It turned out the party also included Michelle Marigliano, a businesswoman who used to teach bilingual education and was able to comprende every disgusting word. [...]

The women's first night went pleasantly, but on the second, Marigliano was stunned to hear two Hispanic employees spinning the roulette ball and handling chips making highly off-color remarks in Spanish.

"Great - we have a bunch of dumb broads that don't know how to play," one allegedly said. "That blonde in the corner believes her t-ts are going to get her places."

They said one was a "dyke."

And that was the tame stuff.

"These c- - -s need a big d- - - to loosen them up and then maybe these hard-asses would tip better." [Foxwood Casino Sued over "Busty" Barbs [7/22/08]

What well mannered guys these Hispanics are! Let's invite more Spanish-speaking piggy-men to America, definitely.

Need I reiterate that Hispanic culture, and particularly Mexican culture, is enormously sexist?

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