Seven Illegal-Alien Amnesties In 30 Seconds
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Actually, all those amnesties were enacted over the 14 years 1986 - 2000, as summarized by NumbersUSA in The Seven Amnesties Passed by Congress.  But in January, the folks at Numbers also packaged this dismal history into a 30-seconds-long video that might make an impression even on people—such as senators and representatives—with microscopic attention spans:

The video quickly rattles off the amnesties and then graphically illustrates the chain migration of "aunts, uncles, distant cousins, and in-laws of the original illegal workers" that followed those amnesties.

There's another crucial point that couldn't get packed into the 30 seconds: Despite all the amnesties—aggregating to about six million illegal aliens receiving legal status—we have waaaaay more illegal aliens among us now than when we started down this road to ruin in the mid-1980s.  So why would we do it again?

And a comment posted below the video by "Flash Y1" shows that at least some of the audience is onto the scam:

Wait, are you trying to imply that just because it didn't work the last 7 times we tried it that it won't work this time? Don't be so pessimistic. Okay, admittedly each round of amnesty in the past had the "unintended" consequence of increasing the flow of illegal immigration and was thus followed in short order by more and more calls for amnesty, but that was then. I'm sure THIS time the government knows what it's doing and can be trusted to do what's right for the American people.

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