Sessions' Great Statement On Boehner's Obamnesty Betrayal Wrong In One Detail—It IS "Time For Recrimination."
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America's Senator, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), just released this statement on the Boehner Betrayal on DHS/ Obamnesty funding.  Emphases added. As usual, Sessions hits a number of themes, for example the need for the GOP/GAP to become a "National Conservative" party, defending American workers. But, while it is true that the Hanen injunction has delayed the implementation of Obamnesty and thus the impact of the GOP leaders' perfidy, we do not agree with Sessions that "now is not the time for recrimination." Now is the time for recrimination.

The statement:

The Democratic Party has been completely unified in its defense of the President’s amnesty in the face of overwhelming public opposition—and in the face of the President’s own repeated declaration that his conduct was illegal.

They voted in unison, messaged in unison, and their outside allies have launched third-party attacks against Republicans.

As a result, our Constitution continues to be eroded, our immigration system continues to slide into anarchy, and our constituents continue to suffer the debilitating loss of their jobs and wages.

Essential to any sovereign nation is the enforcement of its borders, the application of uniform rules for entry and exit, and the delivery of consequences for individuals who violate our laws. President Obama has nullified those laws, rules, and borders, and replaced those consequences with rewards.

The President’s decree provides illegal immigrants with work permits, trillions in Social Security and Medicare payments, and billions in free cash tax credits—all benefits explicitly rejected by Congress. This takes jobs, benefits, and work opportunities directly from struggling and forgotten workers.

The will of the American people cannot be forever denied. Republicans will have to come to realize that it falls on their shoulders to give voice to the just demands of the American people for a lawful system of immigration that serves their interests, defends their jobs, protects their security.

Nor can we allow the President to dismantle the constitutional powers of Congress, ceding our status as a coequal branch, in the hope the Judiciary intervenes to restore some fraction of that lost authority.

When it comes to defending our sovereignty there is no ‘moving on.’ Now is not the time for recrimination; now is the time for renewed determination.

What motivates and excites a small group of open-borders billionaires has no connection to the hearts and lives of the working people of this country. They have been silenced for too long.

Those who think this fight is over could not be more mistaken; it is only beginning. When the power of the American people is finally leveraged, people will be astonished by the results.”

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