Senator Dick Durbin — Opposing Amnesty Leads to Ebola
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Because of the amount of money and special interests behind demographically replacing Americans, there is no event, scenario, or problem that can not be spun by the powerful as a justification for an amnesty/immigration surge.

Thus, an outbreak of Ebola in Africa, which in the real world serves as a reason to control our borders and be conscious of who is coming in and out of the country, is actually another reason to pass amnesty according to Senator Dick Durbin.

Durbin, a member of the Senate's Gang of Eight that wrote the immigration reform bill, said during a Senate hearing on Ebola that the Senate's amnesty bill would have even allowed doctors in the United States to travel to Africa to combat Ebola "without jeopardizing their immigration status."

“We included in the immigration reform bill, which passed the United States Senate, a provision which provided, in one respect, if you are medically trained in Africa and promise to serve in Africa for a period of time before going anywhere else, we would honor that and respect that and not allow people to be recruited into the United States if they still had an obligation to their country,” Durbin said, according to the Washington Times. “And secondly, that doctors in the United States would be able to serve in these crisis situations overseas without jeopardizing their immigration status."

[Dick Durbin: Amnesty Bill Will Help Contain Ebola, by Tony Lee, Breitbart, September 16, 2014]

Even the most charitable reading of these comments shows that Durbin wants to make sure that doctors can practice overseas while still enjoying the benefits of life in the United States.  Even though immigration enthusiasts occasionally boast about America attracting the "best and brightest," here Durbin argues against "recruiting" doctors because we have to put Africans first.   It also reveals that Durbin recognizes that immigrants' country of origin is still "their country," but they should still live here and eventually vote for Democrats like Durbin despite having no real connection with the United States.

Providing medical care at home is, after all, secondary to replacing gross whitebread Americans with more vibrant (and politically reliable) specimens of diversity.  To paraphrase General Casey after the Fort Hood shootings, if Americans died because of an Ebola outbreak that would be a tragedy, but if our diversity became a casualty, that's worse.

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