Senate Immigration Bill: U.S. Nation 0, North Vietnamese 1?
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Of course it is not pleasant to watch the US Senate sitting up and begging for its open border-lobbyist paymasters. Especially when some of them seem also motivated by ethnic vendettas.

But it is the mark of a soldier to be cheerful in adversity. And the foot- in- mouth antics of the arrogant Hispanic bullies so gleefully celebrated in the MSM continue to provide amusement.

During the protest at City Hall, Alejandro Aguirre, 15, and his father Sergio said they wanted to voice their opposition…"This is a country of immigrants, and this country would not be possible without us," said the elder Aguirre, who emigrated from Mexico about 20 years ago and now works as a Los Angeles city planner. "We are the backbone…”

[Students Rally On Streets, Downtown Freeways NBC4 TV March 27 2006]

“This country would not be possible without us”! Not much room for the Founding Fathers, it seems.

Senator John McCain provided some food for thought:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain said the street demonstrations had made an impact.

“All those people who were demonstrating are not here illegally. They are the children and grandchildren” of those who may have been, he said"

[Tens of thousands of California students protest immigration bill Associated Press - Robert Jablon March 28, 2006]

Given the demographics of Los Angeles, the bulk of those demonstrating are certain to have been illegals. But facts are no doubt beneath Senator McCain.

And, so this is the way to get the Senate’s attention - unruly and threatening deeds? Did McCain really mean to recommend that?

Maybe those North Viet Namese were better brainwashers than it is polite to say.

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