Security Camera Footage of Officer Reardon vs. Knife Girl in Columbus
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This video is 19 seconds long and the first 10 seconds are nonviolent. Then, the peacefulness intensifies, as they say lately.

If this were a scene in a Tom Cruise movie, the hero couldn’t have saved the damsel in distress with fewer inches and milliseconds to spare. Of course if it were a Tom Cruise movie, the violence would be blocked out by the fight choreographer much more clearly to reduce audience confusion and make the tension last longer.

In reality, the officer pulled up to a scene of inscrutable chaos (e.g., one sideshow was a man kicking a girl in the head a few feet from the cop, almost kicking the cop on his extensive follow-through) and somehow the policeman made the key decisions correctly.

Message to Joe Biden: You can’t trust Black Twitter to get basic facts right.

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