Seconding Sailer On Baseball's Immigrant Typhoid Mary; Italy's Pesky Italian-ness
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Because Steve Sailer doesn't like to talk to editors, as I noted in my introduction to his Obama book, I often monitor his progress towards filing his Sailer on Sunday column by seeing how many blogs he's posting INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON WHAT HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

This give me the chance to second two particularly interesting recent Sailerblogs and add a little amplification:

The Typhoid Mary of Steroids discussed an academic study quantifying Jose Canseco's convincing his team mates to use steroids.

I checked, and it turns out that, whaddya know, Canseco is an immigrant, from Cuba. Just sayin'.

"Is Italy Too Italian?" ridiculed a recent New York Times story by David Segal complaining that Italy isn't gloabalizing and diversifying enough.

Steve commented that he's been reading this story for 35 years. Here's an equally funny blog he did on what seems to be the same New York Times story, but with a different writer, Michael Kimmelman, in 2008—NYT: Italy Lagging Lamentably On De-Italianification.

It's obviously an MSM theme, like Japan's alleged need to allow immigration.

Breaking news: Steve has filed, so we can start processing tonight's column!

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