Sean Hannity, Bryan Fischer, Rush Limbaugh, Et Al. - What Can We Do to Influence Talk Radio?
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Talk radio is a powerful medium. Along with the internet, it's a way to make an end run around the Mainstream Media. Talk radio allows us to educate the public on immigration, demographics and the National Question.

Hopefully, some of our readers can help to influence talk radio hosts. Admittedly, this can be difficult. If you call into a talk show and the host doesn't like what you're saying, he can just cut you off. But it's still good to make an effort to get through to these guys.

Sean Hannity, or as he's called in some circles, "Vanity", has come out for amnesty for illegal aliens. Here is Hannity's contact page in case you'd like to attempt to educate Hannity.

Here though is another talk show host who isn't promoting amnesty. It's Bryan Fischer , Director of Issue Analysis of the AFA, the American Family Association. The AFA is a conservative values Christian organization. Unlike Focus on the Family, AFA has not jumped on the amnesty bandwagon. In a recent discussion of the "Hispanic vote", Fischer spoke forcefully against Hispandering.

Here's what the Mediaite site reported:

During his national radio show, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer, spokeseman [sic] make the case against Republican Party outreach to Hispanic-Americans, dismissing them as "socialists by nature" who "come from Mexico" to "plunder" the United States.

According to Fischer, reaching out to Hispanics is a lost cause because the demographic supports Democrats not because of the party's actual policies but because Hispanics want "goodies".

"Hispanics don't vote Democrat because of immigration," he explained. "That's not the main reason why they vote for Democrats. It doesn't have anything to do with lax immigration policy, it has to do with the fact that they are socialists by nature."

He continued: "They come from Mexico, which is a socialist country. They want big government intervention, they want big government goodies. Now they want open borders - make no mistake - because they have family and friends that they want to come up and benefit from the plunder of the United States just as they've been able to do."

Therefore, Fischer said, "Republicans can pander all they want to Hispanics," but "there is no way on Earth you will get them to leave the Democratic Party."

And so, he concluded, "we need to clamp down on immigration."

Radio Host Rants Against GOP Hispanic Outreach: They're Mexican ´Socialists´ Who Come to ´Plunder´ U.S., by Andrew Kirell, Mediaite, Nov. 13th, 2012, video included

Here is the American Family Association's contact page.

Rush Limbaugh has not caved in to amnesty, and has been discussing the Hispanic vote/demographic question. Here is Rush's contact page, so you can encourage him to continue and expand his arguments. Rush Limbaugh would be a powerful voice on our side.



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