"Scramble For Africa" Game: Racist Object Cancelled
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From the New York Times:

Should Board Gamers Play the Roles of Racists, Slavers and Nazis?

After the cancellation of Scramble for Africa, where do board games go from here?

By Kevin Draper, Aug. 1, 2019

In the continuing explosion of tabletop board gaming, there are numerous World War II games in which players get to be Nazis. There are American Civil War games in which players take the role of the Confederacy. …

… Scramble for Africa was a new strategy game — what is called a “eurogame,” to contrast the genre with war games and more confrontational luck-based American board games. In it, the player would “take the role of one of six European powers with an eye toward exploring the unknown interior of Africa, discovering land and natural resources,” as the game’s description put it. …

Soon after the game’s announcement in February, debate played out across thousands of posts on BoardGameGeek, the hub of board gaming on the internet.

The Scramble for Africa is too horrible to contemplate. The current Scramble for Europe is too sacred to criticize.

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