"Sauce For The Goose" Act
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A Republican Congressman has introduced a act that will mirror Mexican immigration laws—treating immigrants from Mexico the way the Republic of Mexico treats immigrants from Central American. It need hardly be said that he has no intention of introducing the violence of corrupt Mexican prison officials and police to American law enforcement—that would be unconstitutional, and such conduct, which includes rape, is technically illegal even in Mexico.

No, he's just applying the same legal rules that Mexico applies to its immigrants. Allan Wall readers will remember that Mexico has what's called a " Ley General de Población."[PDF]

Congressman John Linder's version is the same thing in English: “U.S. General Population Act.”

“The question of immigration will, in my opinion, become the defining issue of the next generation. Unfortunately, the debate over securing our borders and protecting the interests of our citizens is too often demonized by the opposition and turned into an ugly accusation of racism. For this reason, I have introduced the U.S. General Population Act, a bill designed to align the immigration laws of the United States with those of Mexico. This bill simply reflects the same immigration restrictions implemented by Mexico with the same consequences for those in violation.” [Linder Introduces "U.S. General Population Act"] ”

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