Parishioners Walk Out On Immigrant Enthusiast Bishop
June 13, 2006, 12:51 PM
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In the many columns and letters posted on VDARE.COM about the Roman Catholic Church`s activism on behalf of illegal aliens, writers have frequently asked if the church`s immigration advocacy is hurtful to its image among its faithful.

Three letters published June 7th in the Orange County Register [Bishop Letters: Is bishop tending flock or agenda?] indicate deep discontent with Bishop Tod Brown`s speech interrupting the Mass to deliver passionate pleas to the congregation to become politically pro-active in support of amnesty.[Catholic Diocese of Orange County"Immigration Statement"PDF]

Parishioner Miguel Villasin noted that the Mass was also a confirmation ceremony for young men and women thereby making Bishop`s Tod Brown`s political grandstanding all the more inappropriate. Villasin writes

"I saw a few people walking out while he was speaking, and I would have, too, but I guess I was in too much of a state of shock that the bishop would do such a thing."[Bishop urges immigration change | Brown calls for overhauling U.S. policy during confirmation Mass in cathedral,By Erika I. Ritchie, June 5, 2006 ]

P.S. The letters also include one from Vietnamese John Nguyen who says that learning English is the key to success in America.