Sarah Palin A Secret Steve Sailerite?
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I've just finished reading Sarah Palin's Going Rogue in the pathetic hope that I might make time to write about it and find this quote on p. 338:
"We got into this economic mess because of misplaced government interference in the first place. The mortgage crisis that triggered the collapse of our financial markets was rooted in a well-meaning but wrongheaded desire to increase home ownership among people who could not yet afford to own a home.

Politicians on the right and left wanted to take credit for an increase in middle-class home ownership. But the rules of the marketplace are just as constraining as human nature. Government cannot force financial institutions to give loans to people who can’t afford to pay them back and then expect that somehow things will all magically work out. Sooner or later, reality catches up with us."

In other words, she's bought Steve Sailer's argument, in many VDARE.COM columns, that the Minority Mortgage Meltdown caused America's first Diversity Recession. She even mentions two details Steve is particularly keen to stress: that the fatal policy was bipartisan; and that, as Steve concluded one recent column, "reality always gets its revenge"

I'm impressed.

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