Sanders Staffer Shows Backbone on Banks` H-1b Visa Use!
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Warren Gunnels(Senior Aide to Sen. Sanders) asks:
"Why would the supporters of increasing H-1B visas be so concerned about our amendment? At a time when the unemployment rate is soaring, do you really think there aren't enough intelligent Americans to fill these jobs?" [Work-Visa Numbers Get Squishy — and Get Played, March 31, 2009]
US immigration policies often had very different effects than advocates promised.

Theoretically, we could look at the effects of corporate sponsored immigration on companies. Advocates of corporate sponsored immigration constructed policies with such poor reporting that isn't possible. We just don't know precisely how many guest worker visas are in use in many companies—or the cumulative impact of related chain migration. Corporate immigration advocates want investors and customers to have the illusion they are the same companies they always were-even when they replace their American workforce.

Guest worker visas aren't just cheaper. Corporate management perceives guest workers as far more easily controlled than Americans. Criminal corporations like Enron prefer guest workers. Heavy guest worker use is sometimes motivated by ethnic nepotism in companies managed by co-nationals of guest workers.

Guest worker use can be very addictive. Although guest workers may be a small portion of overall employment, they are often used in for jobs utterly essential for day to day operations—and security. Many companies have lost the trust of US tech workers—and even their foreign workers with an option to work elsewhere.

They depend utterly on a constant flow of indentured workers. These guest workers actually have a knife at the throat of their supposed corporate masters. America can clearly thrive without guest worker visas, but many managers and major companies cannot. America may well be far better off without those companies and managers.

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