AP: Insensitivity Toward Immigrants Caused Binghamton Massacre
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The Associated Press reports:

The man who police say killed 13 people in a shooting rampage inside an immigrant community center was depressed and angry over losing his job and about his poor English skills, the Binghamton mayor and police said Saturday.

Police Chief Joseph Zikuski told NBC's "Today" that people "degraded and disrespected" the gunman over his poor English. Mayor Matthew Ryan, speaking on ABC's "Good Morning America," said the man, believed to be 42-year-old Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Voong, was angry about his language issues and his lack of employment.

You know, you gotta give credit where it's due: this one was a real challenge to give the proper anti-anti-immigration spin to, but let them have a day to work on it, and they're now starting to get some English on the ball.

P.S. The LA Times reports that the 42-year-old shooter worked for nearly seven years as a sushi deliveryman in the LA area, and by the end of his sushi delivery career in 2007, he'd worked himself all the way up to $9 per hour.

It's just swell to be an unskilled laborer in LA.

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