San Mateo Flight From White Explained?
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Earlier: Why Have Almost All the White Students Suddenly Vanished from San Mateo Public High Schools?

What explains the bizarre sudden disappearance over the last two years of virtually all the white students from the official demographic accounts of the San Francisco Bay Area’s upscale and liberal (Biden won 78% of the vote in the county) San Mateo Union High School District and their presumptive transubstantiation into Two or More Race students?

For instance, here are demographic shares of students at Aragon HS in San Mateo: In 2019, the white students (blue) suddenly disappeared, statistically speaking, and, apparently, reincarnated as Two or More Races students (orange):

An anonymous iSteve commenter points out that this may be related to the Anti-Defamation League’s recent campaign to tar San Mateo (hometown of Tom Brady) as a hotbed of anti-Semitism and racism and hate:

Probably related to this:

It focuses directly on the San Mateo district. There were several hate hoaxes in 2018–2019. The only quasi real one involved a former student spray painting a swastika on Burlingame High School. It is very likely he was trying to generate another hate hoax himself, but it backfired massively leading to his arrest.

The Tribe was hoping he would be a Haven Monahan from Hillsborough; instead he was a likely half-Hispanic skater with a neck tattoo. Apparently, this was such global news that the Times of Israel reported on it.

Now the San Mateo school district can’t have a problem anymore with White Supremacy because it got rid of all its whites. As Woke Stalin would say, “No white, no problem.”

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