San Jose Woman Is Murdered by Salvadoran Illegal Who Was Protected by California Sanctuary Policy
March 16, 2019, 11:23 PM
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The murder of 59-nine-year-old Bambi Larson earlier this month has been a stark reminder of how little the safety of citizens matters in the Democrat-run sanctuary state of California.

Below, illegal alien Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza (left) stabbed Larson to death in her home, inflicting “extensive and deep” wounds on the mother of two.

Viewing the extensive criminal record of the accused Salvadoran illegal alien, Police Chief Eddie Garcia observed, “He could have been turned over six times,” meaning to ICE for deportation.

Carranza’s rap sheet is indeed extensive, as listed by Chief Garcia:

“His criminal history convictions consist of in Feb. 2013 he was detained by the Department of Homeland Security at the border near McAllen, Texas, and deported.”

“In 2015, he was arrested for drug paraphernalia. In 2015 he was convicted of burglary in San Jose. In 2016, battery of an officer, resisting arrest and entering a property. In 2016, he was arrested for battery in Los Angeles. In 2017, he was arrested and convicted of false imprisonment in San Jose. On April of 2018, arrested for paraphernalia again. In May, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.”

“In August of 2018, he was arrested for prowling. On October 2018, he was arrested for false identification and paraphernalia once again.”

Carranza was clearly a dangerous character as shown by charges of battery against an officer and false imprisonment along with extensive drug use, yet he was allowed to roam California at will, with no unpleasant deportation.

California’s alien-loving political establishment is clearly embarrassed by the obvious failure of diversity ideology, illustrated by finger-pointing from various officials. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo posted a letter online in which he expressed concern for safety. . . of immigrants:

It is long overdue for the County to reconsider its current policy of ignoring ICE hold requests for predatory felons, which undermines the safety of the very immigrant communities we collectively seek to protect.

Meanwhile, a San Jose Mercury-News headline (March 13) showed a different political blame object: County officials say ICE, not their policy, to blame for releasing homicide suspect.

“ICE should’ve gotten a warrant here. They could’ve gotten a warrant here,” said County Counsel James R. Williams, at a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. “And the county’s practice has always been to honor warrants that are issued.”

And just this last week, new Governor Gavin Newsom announced an end of executions in the state in yet another blow against public safety.

The murder of Bambi Larson could have been prevented if California officials had done their basic job of corralling criminals, but that responsibility is apparently too onerous if the perp is diverse. So the once-Golden State continues down the road to perdition because Democrats let foreigners run wild as a matter of political belief.

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