American "High IQ Risk Takers": Why Thomas Friedman Is An Ass
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Roger Chaillet writes, re Steve Sailer's post Tom Friedman Repeats Phrase "High I.Q. Risk-Taker" 8 Times which is based on Start-Ups, Not Bailouts, By Thomas L. Friedman, April 3, 2010.
Why Thomas Friedman is an ass: Look at all the seminal tech inventions created by Americans:

1. Relational databases.

2. UNIX 3. Transistor

4. Laser

5. Integrated circuit

6. Computer networking: Think Bob Metcalfe and 3com.

7. Mainframe computers

8. Internet browser

9. Computer graphics

10. Laser printer

11. Information theory

12. GUI (Graphical User Interface)

13. Mini computers

14. Personal computers


16. Computer Compiler

17. LCD

18. Computer Mouse

They were all invented by Americans.

Friedman is an ass.

We provide links to all the inventors. Of course, we think the relational database was invented by Edgar F. "Ted" Codd, who was born on the Isle Of Portland, attended Poole Grammar school, and Exeter College, Oxford and moved to the United States after wartime service with the RAF. We left him in because we're pretty sure that's not what Thomas Friedman was thinking of when he talked about "high IQ risk-takers."
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