San Francisco To Keep Issuing ID Cards To Illegals
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The open-borders theme park that is San Francisco has fluffed up its welcome mat for illegal alien criminals. The plan to issue identification to city "residents" with no other ID (illegal aliens) will go forward because the lawsuit filed by The Immigration Reform Law Institute against the practice has been thrown out of court.
The ruling was a victory for city officials looking to implement the ID card program, which the Board of Supervisors approved in November but Mayor Gavin Newsom put on hold in August to make sure it complies with state and federal laws. Newsom's move came after a series of Chronicle articles explaining how the city regularly shielded young illegal immigrants from deportation after they were found guilty of felony crimes. That practice has since been stopped. [...]

This is simply a step in a long process," said Patrick Skain, a former San Francisco firefighter who brought the lawsuit along with others. "We'll review what took place today and look at the nuances of the arguments and make a determination from there."

Skain and others argued that the ID program amounted to aiding and abetting illegal immigration and would lead to information being withheld from federal authorities probing such crimes. [Judge tosses challenge to S.F. plan to issue illegal immigrants ID cards, By John Cot?©, San Francisco Chronicle, October 15, 2008]

Hopefully an appeal to the ruling will be forthcoming.
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