Sam Bacile: Why Is This Crook In My Country?
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The NYT assigned six reporters to write a long article on the life of Coptic Christian conman Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a.k.a., a lot of names, most aptly Sam Bacile (Some Imbecile), producer of the Youtube video "Innocence of Muslims." But the whole effort seems pretty pointless because of course the Obama Administration / Media's bizarre focus on this one meth dealer as the cause of the unraveling of Obama's foreign policy had just been a gimmick to deflect blame during the re-election And with Priority One now Mission Accomplished, who cares anymore?

The only interesting question is the one that never seems to have occurred to the NYT's half-dozen newshounds: Why is this guy in my country? Why was he let in? Why wasn't he deported after one of his previous offenses? The closest this long article comes to this is:

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula grew up in Egypt but came to the United States and wed Ingrid N. Rodriguez in 1986 in Nevada, according to state marriage records. They divorced in 1990, the records show. Soon afterward, while living in California, he married an Egyptian woman, Olivia Ibrahim, with whom he has three children. Although the couple divorced, the family members all lived together on a cul-de-sac in Cerritos until going into hiding after the video spread.

You know how Global Warming is something that We Must Do Something About Now? Well, Sam Bacile's immigration isn't like that. It's more like Continental Drift — just something we have to live with, cuz whaddaya whaddaya?

As I mentioned before, you know how Congress created the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate airliner crashes because the FAA was too much in bed with the airlines? We need a National Immigration Safety Board to investigate immigrant screw-ups to shine a spotlight on what went wrong.

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