Sailer in TakiMag: CLUSTERFAKE—How The Democrats’ “Coalition Of The Fringes” Attracts And Empowers Borderline Personalities
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My new Taki’s Magazine column is up on how the Democrats’ “Coalition of the Fringes” attracts and empowers borderline personalities:


… The embarrassing events of recent weeks have reiterated another problem the Democrats face with trying to assemble peripheral people into a majority (beyond the obvious difficulties of reconciling the interests and values of, say, black church ladies and Wellesley College gender-queers). This fringe coalition is fragile in another sense as well: if the underlying engine of your politics is hate (as suggested by all these hate hoaxes that are the KKKrazy Glue of the Obama coalition), you are going to attract and excite a lot of psychologically fragile fringe personalities. And they tend to repel the normal and healthy

… The spirit of the age appeals most to the most troubled spirits.

Read the whole thing there.

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