Sailer In Taki's: Hate-Based Faith
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Hate-Based Faith
by Steve Sailer

April 03, 2019

The recent upsurge among white liberals of their quasi-religious belief that racial differences in average behavior can’t possibly be real—“the Great Awokening”—is on a collision course with the routine workings of the criminal justice system, which finds that, say, blacks are several dozen times more homicidal per capita than are Asians.

Something’s got to give. …

Still, crime should be falling due to better technology. We citizens ought to expect that our public servants enforce policies that drive down crime rates, especially the homicide rate, which is the hardest for authorities to game (because dead bodies require a lot of paperwork).

Yet, the number of murdered human beings in the U.S. went up 22 percent from 2014, the Year of Ferguson, to 2016....

On the other hand, as the self-inflicted Late Obama Age Collapse shows, a lot of people these days consider it inconceivable that blacks deserve to be incarcerated more than other races. Research by Zach Goldberg of Georgia State shows that white Democrats are now more woke than blacks or Hispanics on how white racism is to blame for everything.

As Yglesias notes in Vox, this extremist trend among white liberals predated Trump …

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