S.C.`s Nikki Haley: A Pretty Face + Open Borders?
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In 1857, British Prime minister Henry, 3rd Viscount Palmerston was caught in a desperate General Election as his opponents tried to destroy him for bombarding the Chinese city of Canton (Those were the days!). Word reached his enemies that Palmerston, then 72 but a famous womanizer, was about to be cited in a Divorce action (Those were the days!#2). Subsequent Prime Minister W.E.Gladstone implored his associates to repress any publicity for the story, for fear that public reaction would enable Palmerston to sweep the country. (He did.)

Something of the sort has happened in South Carolina, where State Representative Nikki Haley has withstood not one but two self-proclaimed lovers surfacing to hugely widen her lead, polling 49% in last Tuesday's Primary and only narrowly being forced into a run-off.

This may appear amusing, but actually it is very bad news. Haley’s main opponent, Congressman Gresham Barrett, has an excellent A+ NumbersUSA Career ranking (equal top in the delegation with Senator DeMint). Furthermore he has been running ads advocating an Arizona-style immigrant enforcement law for the state.

Immigration damage is a serious economic problem in South Carolina, with area Agribusiness in its piggish way encouraging such a large influx that the University of South Carolina has actually documented the depression of wages it has caused.

Haley, although married in a Methodist church, is the daughter of Sikh immigrants. The Indian immigrant community is famously breaking left as it activates politically, and is a huge beneficiary of Affirmative Action as well. The prognosis is not good.

Do any of VDARE’s South Carolina readers know anything about Nikki Haley’s position on immigration?

GOP Big Feet, with their curious ”Anybody but White Men” preference for candidates are experiencing Haleymania

Nikki Haley's 49% in South Carolina Tuesday triggered an outpouring of support from the National Republican establishment, with the RGA coming out for her, Mitt Romney heading down to South Carolina, and Bill Kristol talking up the possibility that her rival, Gresham Barrett, wouldn't contest a run-off.

Staying positive in South Carolina Politico.com June 10 2010.

Friends like that should be enough to sink Haley, but SC Republicans tend to be deferential.

Will Gresham Barrett have the brains to play the immigration card?

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