Ryan Andrews At ALTERNATIVE RIGHT: Becoming Who We Were
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I have a new essay up at the new-old Alternative Right blog on what I think is the way forward for nationalists in the age of globalism. [Becoming Who We Were, January 15, 2017]. Some readers here may know that I have been interviewing various Alt Right figures for that blog. One of the questions I always ask is, "What is your pet issue?" Well, this is my pet issue.

One of the most profound differences between us and our ancestors is that they inherited their communities and we choose ours. Nationalists rail against this new mindset, but the factors that have made it possible—modern ease of travel and communication and increased individual choice—are not going away. So I think the hope that one day the ethno-national assumptions and racial demographics of the past will be restored throughout the entire Western world is a false hope. If nationalists, and especially ethnonationalists, are to have our own communities, we can't depend on conserving the ones we inherited. We will have to create our own.

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