Roy Beck On The Debate; UPDATED With Self-Deportation
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Roy Beck writes at NumbersUSA:

First question in the second presidential debate is a humdinger.  A young man hoping to graduate in 2014 wants to know whether he has any hope for a job when he gets out.  Romney correctly notes that more than half of all recent college graduates don't have degree jobs or have no jobs at all.  But we'll see if immigration comes up whether the two candidates remember that all those unemployed and underemployed Americans are affected by any immigration decision.

I start listening to this debate without much anticipation that the candidates will treat immigration as a jobs market issue because I haven't seen it really happen ever in any primary or general debate.

Prove me wrong, candidates.

Check the NumbersUSA site for more.

UPDATED—go to the same post to see what the candidates have to say about self-deportation.

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