Radio Derb Transcript Up For January 5: Empire Strikes Back (At VDARE!), Goodbye Claudine, More Illegals Than U.S. Births, And Trump Goes To SCOTUS, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for January 25, 2024. Go here to read or listen.

00:55  The Empire strikes back.  (Those New Year cyberattacks.)

06:58  The Prime Directive.  (Open borders!)

15:10  A fait accompli (Can the Great Replacement be reversed?)

21:41  The Yemeni enemy.  (Let’s own the insult.)

29:20   What does it mean, Claudine?  (Hail and farewell.)

38:00  More illegals than native births.  (Demography, destiny.)

39:18  Trump goes to SCOTUS.  (Just an opening scuffle.)

41:04  Car burnings down in France.  (Old customs in decline.)

42:15  Michelle Wu for the Gold.  (Olympic-level wokeness.)

43:57  Signoff.  (With Eartha Kitt.)

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