Rotary Club Clueless About Illegal Immigration
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It is rare, indeed, when I turn down an opportunity to speak on behalf of those who support strict enforcement of our immigration laws and who favor sharply reduced levels of legal immigration.

Unfortunately, this was the case when the Rotary Club in Wayzata, Minn., a town of about 4,000 people just west of Minneapolis (and a four-hour drive from my Wisconsin home), said I would have 25 minutes at its Oct. 22 luncheon to discuss illegal immigration plus a 5-minute Q&A.

But what I found even more unsettling than the Rotary's unwillingness to devote more time to such a critical public policy issue was the na??vet?© of Chuck Schoen , the Rotarian who extended the invitation to me:

"We have not had a speaker on the illegal subject, so I would like to enlighten the locals to what is heading our way from S. Cal(ifornia)."
Memo to Mr. Schoen: Illegal immigration isn't "headed your way." It's already there.
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