Ross Douthat On Merkel's Million Marching Muslims Mistake
November 23, 2017, 05:12 AM
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A sensible column on Merkel’s Mistake:

Angela Merkel’s Failure May Be Just What Europe Needs

Ross Douthat NOV. 22, 2017

In an unpredictable world, it’s always a pleasure to claim vindication for one’s own prophetic powers, and the political crisis in Germany — the inability of Angela Merkel to form a coalition government that keeps her country’s far right sidelined — could easily inspire an “I told you so” from those of us who have criticized the German chancellor and doubted her leader-of-the-free-world mystique.

That mystique is undeserved because it is too kind to her decision, lauded for its idealism but ultimately deeply reckless and destabilizing, to swiftly admit a million-odd migrants into the heart of Europe in 2015. No recent move has so clearly highlighted the undemocratic, Berlin-dominated nature of European decision making and the gulf between the elite consensus and popular opinion. And no move has contributed so much to the disturbances since — the worsening of Europe’s terrorism problem, the shock of Brexit and the rise of Trump, and the growing divide between the E.U.’s Franco-German core and its eastern nations.

So it’s fitting that the immigration issue has finally come back to undercut Merkel directly, first costing her votes in Germany’s last election, which saw unprecedented gains for the nationalist Alternative for Germany party, and then making a potential grand coalition impossible in part because the centrist, pro-business Free Democrats now see an opportunity in getting to Merkel’s right on migration policy.Yes, thanks to the continued fallout from her rash decision, and just as her critics predicted, Germany stares into the abyss of …

… well, actually, no, it doesn’t really stare into the abyss at all.

Right, parliamentary systems tend to be pretty robust. Eventually something gets worked out.

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