Ron Paul, World of Warcraft, the Internet, and VDARE.COM
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Ron Paul’s clearest statement on his immigration policy, we believe, is the interview he gave last September to being funded by a 501(c)(3) foundation, we cannot comment directly on elections. But we can, I understand, note matters involving the internet’s influence on politics.

At - founded essentially because of the immigration issue's exclusion by a Neo Conservative Cabal and their minions at National Review - we have always had faith in the possibilities of the internet.

The Paul People/tards/istas/ettes (who knows?) have never considered the print media as important. They even question television.

If you Google/ News on the Ron Paul matter you will quickly find yourself in obscure blogs, and a few letters to provincial newspapers. Where is the MSM (even jeering)?

The Fix is in. Paul, like immigration until recently, is simply forbidden to be mentioned. But this time, it doesn’t work. Consider the effort by the Orange County Register to denigrate the PaulPeoples’s enterprising idea of having a march on the virtual reality game World of Warcraft:

Ron Paul Warcraft march won't win votes, analysts say By SONYA SMITH, Monday, December 31, 2007.

(World of Warcraft is an activity in which over 9Mm people participate - including your children! -especially males.)

As so often, an elegant and decisive refutation arrived in the comment thread from cyberspace. It deserves careful consideration:

Ummmm... Duh!?

It's name recognition, nothing more... But neither you nor your 'analyst' understand anything about the internet

So here's how it works, Or how it worked with me, anyway. Since you obviously have no concept of how the internet can create votes...

Name recognition: In may I saw a link to his speeches ( ) on the floor of the house before the Iraq war...

More interest: I looked at more of his speeches and him speaking, watching many of these speeches and lectures while at work... ( dozens, hundreds )

Got Involved: I Joined and went to a sign-waving, Lots of other young people were there...

Went to more sign-wavings, handed out literature, talked with like minded people, & got psyched up...

Spreading the message: I brought my girlfriend and family into it, I lectured them ( all non-voters ) into registering republican to vote for him. & They did.

Raising money: I asked my family members to buy me Ron Paul gear and literature for christmas, all-together my family donated about 250$.

Getting out the vote : I'm about to start canvassing this week in my state ( california ) through my meetup group. I have my list & map, just waiting on some literature.

I now have My own, and 7 other friends & family ( all but 1 were non-primary-voters ) showing up super tuesday for california's primary...

I've never voted before, yet I'm bringing at least 8 votes for Ron Paul... Soooo... 'Analyze' that.

Internet voters are smarter & more organized, television is on its way out... The Sheep don't make it to the polls Educated, motivated, Suppressed & AGITATED Paul supporters will show up in droves.

Talon Ferguson Orange, CA

My nephew, a regular player, who participated in the march this evening, said it was on a scale he has never seen. My son, also a regular player, tried to sign up just before the event started, and was eventually told the server was overloaded. As a matter of political significance, both boys participate normally in a ”Guild” of about ten in which they are the only ones below voting age.

Consider the activities of the Ron Paul Blimp — launched by an internet appeal quite independently of the Paul campaign. If you follow its flight path over Florida (on a wide enough scale), small notice boards spring up telling you of the Paul Meetup Groups. Some are beautifully organized, like Clay County’s, with informative links to Paul YouTube film clips. Obviously the internet hugely leverages the effect of operating this airship — something I myself had considered until I saw it.

Probably we should try Meetup groups for

Or what about the absolutely addictive AOL Presidential Straw poll, complete with a US map which frequently updates, and which clearly demonstrates that Paul, invariably first or second in every state, is the only true national GOP candidate?

(The only other candidate to show real vitality in this venue, albeit strictly regional, is Mike Huckabee. Another Arkansas shyster in the White House?)

The crux of the matter, of course, has been the Paul campaign’s ability to raise money over the internet. Which originally, like America’s concepts of freedom, came from England.

It is not a coincidence.

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