Ron Paul Vs Obama, McCain, Hillary And The Rest
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Steve Sailer's two posts on the Obama family remind us of the level of opposition research that's not being conducted by the MainStream Media on the mainstream candidates. While James Kirchick [send him mail] was searching for the two university libraries that have backfiles of the Ron Paul Report from the seventies, few mainstream reporters have actually read Obama's Dreams From My Father, which is still on bookstore shelves, and which is so revealing that when Steve Sailer wrote about it, various PC types wanted him stopped from doing so.

Or how about this,written 2000 by Steve Sailer:

Senator John McCain's appeal stems in large part from the fact that nature and cruel nurture have fashioned him into the Senate's finest hater. He hates the "gooks," the Serbs, the special interests, the cigarette makers, anybody who opposes him, and on and on.

This kind of man can be hugely useful. If, say, extra-terrestrials bearing "To Serve Man" cookbooks were invading, there is no one better suited to lead us Earthlings against the space gooks in a war of racial extermination. In these less-desperate times, though, most of his longtime colleagues in the Senate seem to dread the idea of such a hate-filled man becoming President.

On the other hand, the bigfoot reporters who ride with him in the back of his campaign bus and listen to Senator McCain's non-stop John Rocker-style diatribes have fallen madly in love with him, on the Straight Talk Express they get to hear those meaty truths that can't be uttered in their own feminized, racially-sensitized newsrooms. The reporters don't report 95% of what the candidate tells them because, of course, the hoi polloi couldn't be trusted to listen in on such inflammatory statements.[04/14/00 - John McCain - Licensed to Hate,]

Let's see Kirchick investigate that!
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