Romney's White Share Still Only 56-58%—Worse (50%-52%) In Ohio
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Latest polls show Romney clinging to a nominal overall lead still well within the margin of error, with little sign still that he will reach the 60% white share achieved by the Congressional GOP in 2010. Ohio provides a case study of his failure to appeal to working class whites.

Rasmussen's Premium Platinum subscribers learn that Romney's white share has inched up and now stands at 58%, back to about his highest white share level in this campaign so far. (It's still pathetic). Romney's support from blacks and "others" has fallen, to 5% and 37% respectively, so his widened lead is entirely due to whites.

  • IBD/TIPP (Oct. 14) shows Romney trailing Obama 46-46.7, which the poll describes as a "dead heat." 

IBD/TIPP shows Romney's white share at 56%

  • Gallup shows Romney ahead 49-47.

Gallup, a liberal poll, does not deign to release its racial breakdowns.

The Presidential race continues within the margin of error, essentially because Romney is still stuck in the mediocre Bush-McCain white share range. Remember that the Congressional Republicans got 60% of the white vote in 2010. (More white share comparisons here—scroll down).

A case study: both Rasmussen (here) and Public Policy Polling (here) have recently published polls showing Romney trailing Obama in the key state of Ohio, 47-48  and 46-51 respectively. But Rasmussen's Platinum service shows Romney's white share in Ohio at just 52%; PPP at merely 50%. The services respectively report that the Ohio electorate is 83% and 84% white .

Contrary to the MSM meme, the GOP has plenty of room to increase its white share. But it would have to appeal to the white working class, which Ohio shows that Romney is signally failing to do.

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