Romney Florida Ads - Message Depends on the Language
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According to the Weekly Standard, the messages of Mitt Romney's campaign ads in Florida depend on the language he's broadcasting in:

>         ... Romney has had Florida airwaves virtually to himself. He has been advertising heavily in all 10 of Florida’s major media markets, using three English-language ads and one in Spanish. The first Romney ad went up in the state on January 3—the date of the Iowa caucuses—meaning that Romney will have been on the air in Florida for nearly a month by the time polls open. The English-language ads include a short biographical sketch, an ad that highlights the moral responsibility of addressing the national debt, and another touting Romney’s business record. The Spanish-language ad, narrated by Romney’s son Craig, touts his support in the Cuban-American community.[The New Romney Firewall, Stephen F. Hayes, The Weekly Standard, January 30, 2012]

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