Obama's Haitian Amnesty Kills. Remember Willie Horton?
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Obama Haitian Amnesty beneficiary Dufrene subsequently murdered three

With characteristic decisiveness, the Drudge Report this morning presented as Immigrant felon freed by Obama deportation halt — went on to murder three... a story the Miami Herald mumbled as Immigration authorities released man who went on to kill 3 in North Miami Sunday 01.22.12

When burglar Kesler Dufrene became a twice-convicted felon in 2006, a Bradenton judge shipped him to prison for five years. And because of his convictions, an immigration judge ordered Dufrene deported to his native Haiti…

…when Dufrene’s state prison term was up, Miami immigration authorities in October 2010 released him from custody. Two months later, North Miami police say, he slaughtered three people, including a 15-year-old girl

DNA on a rifle found inside the house and cellphone tracking technology later linked Dufrene to the Jan. 2, 2011, slayings.

The Miami Herald vaguely says
The episode is a black eye for U.S. authorities, who by law could not detain Dufrene indefinitely …deportations to the island nation… were halted because of the carnage wrought by Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake.
Actually the episode is a devastating condemnation of President Obama’s pro Haitian bias, openly declared before the 2008 election, which caused the Obamacrats to seize the earthquake pretext to amnesty large quantities of apprehended Haitian illegals – although that this would include violent criminals too was never admitted.

This and the larger, totally unaddressed issue of the August Obama Administrative Amnesty is what the GOP aspirants should be discussing in Florida – not silly details about each other’s tax returns.

Willie Horton, anyone?

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