"Romney: Cutting Taxes and Regulations Equals Jobs"—For Foreigners
September 07, 2011, 05:59 PM
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Mitt RomneyMitt Romney made a speech recently that said he`d cut regulations to increase job growth. I`m all for that—one reason some employers aren`t hiring is because of government red tape, and environmental regulations that make their work illegal or impossible. But Romney doesn`t seem clear on who these jobs are for:
"Romney also proposed increasing opportunities for talented foreigners to find work here, proposing an expanded H1B visa program for skilled workers." [Romney: Cutting Taxes and Regulations Equals Jobs | Former executive offers 160-page "business plan" to restart economy, By Jim O`Sullivan, National Journal,  September 7, 2011]
Just a reminder—what employers want when they`re hiring H1B Visa holders is not talented foreigners, but cheap ones.