Rob Sanchez On Chuck Wilder 1:34 PM PST, 4:34 PM EST
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I will be on the Chuck Wilder talk-radio show on Friday October 16th 1:34 PM PST, 4:34 PM EST. I will be on until the top of the hour.

Wilder's show is available online in streaming audio which can be listened to at this website:

There is a toll free call-in telephone number if you want to chat with us: 1-800-336-2225

This is the show schedule:

  • CRN1 12-2pm PT (live)
  • CRN6 8-10pm PT (replay)
To listen to the show, click the box where it says "now playing, listen live" "CRN1".

One of the issues that I may discuss: The Louisiana Federation of Teachers is leading the fight to end the exploitation of H-1B teachers in New Orleans. Representing the Filipino H-1Bs is a noble cause for social justice, but has this teacher's union done anything to stop schools from hiring H-1Bs when qualified Americans are available for these teaching jobs? It seems to reason that at least some of the 27,000 teachers that have lost their jobs in California could be transferred to work in New Orleans, so why hasn't the union led a fight on behalf of these unemployed American teachers? Why are school officials going on junkets to Manila to recruit teachers when they could go to Los Angeles or San Francisco instead?

Thursday, October 15, 2009 Fri Oct 16, 2009

Rob Sanchez Job Destruction News letter and writer for CAPS "Up to 200 Thousand Expired Visa Holders missing and A new H-1B scandal in Louisiana is making the news — this time it involves H-1B teachers.

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