RIP, Dominique Venner—Will America Commit Suicide? Will The West? Why You Must Give To NOW
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At some point, you have to decide what it all means.

Continuing’s April Immigration Prophets Series: One of my personal heroes, France’s Dominique Venner, was born on April 16,1935. He led an extraordinarily rich life as a soldier, activist, and historian. But in 2013, Venner committed suicide in Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral.

Venner’s protest was immediately against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but was ultimately inspired by what he saw as the larger destruction of the French nation. He condemned the “Great Replacement” of the historic European population and called for “new, spectacular, and symbolic actions” to rouse people from their complacency.

Marine Le Pen of the National Front, among others, paid tribute: “All of our respect to Dominique Venner, whose final and eminently political gesture was to try to awaken the people of France.”

Suicide is, of course, a mortal sin for those of us who were raised Roman Catholics. Venner himself may not have even been religious, although he clearly valued Roman Catholicism as part of the core French culture.

But to take his life at a place so sacred—not just to Catholics globally, but to the French nation specifically—was perhaps not sacrilege but an awe-inspiring sacrifice. To see it as the former is certainly conventional. But I myself see it as the latter: Venner was willing to sacrifice not just his body but his immortal soul to cause of awakening France, once the “First Daughter of the Church.”

Of course, shortly after Venner’s death, the artificially-created “refugee” crisis began in earnest, as Germany’s Angela Merkel opened the floodgates. And this influx can only have been exacerbated by recent events in Syria.

But in Europe, mass immigration is reshaping the entire political spectrum, with nationalists scoring important recent victories in Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Czechia. In the U.S, the political class is still reeling from the election of President Donald Trump, who is facing attacks from without and sabotage from within his own administration in his efforts to stem immigration.

In other words, this is a time for existential decisions.

The question is brutally simple:

  • The West, yes or no?
  • Do we wish to live, or do we wish to be extinguished forever?
If the West is overcome and its population replaced by the Third World, no-one will mourn. Those picking through the rubble will denounce the “racism” of those they have overcome. Those who will carry forward the torch of civilization will mock us for our weakness and naivete.

It may not be the most “spectacular and symbolic” action to donate to But it is necessary. has helped develop the ideas that fueled the Donald Trump presidential campaign. We are a critical intellectual force on the American scene pushing debate in a nationalist direction; and pushing back against the attempts of the political Establishment, Left and “Right,” to put the genii back in the bottle.

Make no mistake about the importance of this struggle. If we lose, we lose it all. We lose our country, our civilization, our people. It will be as if we were never here.

Dominique Venner’s gesture, whether you think it blasphemous, heroic, or a bit of both, was designed to shock people into not just awareness, but action. is fighting to make sure what the Founders called “our posterity” will still have a place to call home.

I’m asking you to join us in this effort.

We don’t have major foundations, corporate donors, or government grants. We just have you.

Take a look around you and what’s happening to your country and to your civilization.

You know in your soul this is the time for action. And we have a record of success, relevance and results that you can trust.

Please give generously. More than that, please give all you can.

This is the most important hour in our civilization’s entire history. Because it is in the next few years when it will be decided whether America and the West will even continue to exist at all.

Give us the support we need so we can continue to fight for you, for our children and yours, and for our shared history, heritage, and civilization.

Many thanks,

James Kirkpatrick

Writer and Editor

Donate to here.

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