Rick Perry And God
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Kathy Shaidle reproduces this more or less blasphemous picture, which of course is not on the front of a real church—it's Democratic Underground style phony from a Democratic website named JuanitaJean.com.

Her comment is "presuming you speak for God is a much bigger sin than believing God speaks to you."


You can make your own similar sign here. One clue that it's phony is that there is no such thing as a "Texas Baptist Church"—you don't have one Baptist Church for an entire state. There is however, a real-lifeTexas Baptist Conference. Their actual attitude to gays is that it's a sin, their actual attitude to Muslims is that they should come to Jesus and convert, and their actual attitude to Mexicans, which in this context means illegal immigrants is ...disappointing.

In fact, if Rick Perry did "harass Mexicans"—I. E. support immigration enforcement, border control, E-Verify to protect American jobs, et cetera, it's possible someone at the Texas Baptist Conference would complain.

But he doesn't! That's the really crazy part. He's the most Mexico-friendly, immigration loving, Big Business employer collaborating Texas Governor since...the last Governor of Texas, George W. Bush. See Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty for details.

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