Richard Hoste On Affirmative Action, The Top Law Schools, And The Black Upper Class
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Another article I wish we'd had: End Affirmative Action, End the Black Upper Class: The Case of Law, by Richard Hoste, just posted on Kevin MacDonald's webzine The Occidental Observer

Hoste argues that, looking at LSAT scores for 2007-2008, only 57 Blacks scored at 164 or above, which he shows is the minimum for non-Affirmative Action entry to the top fourteen law schools. But 351 blacks were actually admitted—for example, blacks were 9.5% of Yale's entering class.

Hoste also estimates the financial benefit from quotas:

The affirmative-action case with the 158 LSAT score (approx. 118 IQ) makes anywhere from an extra $40,000 to $105,500 in his first year out of school for being Black.

 Interestingly, the extra money that a Black T14 affirmative action recipient gets isn’t taken from any one White lawyer, but is distributed down the ladder. A White with a score of 158 isn’t getting into an elite school anyway.

He concludes:

[C]ollege admissions officers know what ending affirmative action would entail. No affirmative action means that NYU, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Chicago would be accepting on average two Blacks a year each. A few would possibly have no Black students at all. So when liberals say that equal standards is a ”strategy for locking Blacks out of higher education,” they have a point....Admitting the unpleasant truths about race differences and working towards colorblindness would, after decades of PBS specials, ”look how far we’ve comes” and ”Yes, we cans!”, bring down nearly the entire already meager Black upper class.

Hoste runs the website HBD Books, which we will belatedly add to our blogroll tonight.

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