Encouraging Sign Of The Times
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This from the comments section boilerplate of a Pajamas Media post:
Pajamas Media appreciates your comments that abide by the following guidelines:
1. Avoid profanities or foul language unless it is contained in a necessary quote or is relevant to the comment.

2. Stay on topic.

3. Disagree, but avoid ad hominem attacks.

4. Threats are treated seriously and reported to law enforcement.

5. Spam and advertising are not permitted in the comments area.

The clause regarding "hate speech" has been deleted because readers criticized it as being too loosely defined. We agreed.

Since the actual definition of hate speech is the same as Peter Brimelow's new definition of racist—"anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal"--enforcing a no hate speech policy in a comments section would lead to automatic victory for the liberal side in all arguments. This is why they do it.
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