Reuters: "White Ohio Police Officer Shoots Black 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With BB Gun"—But Stab Two White Nuns And It's "Man Arrested"
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Reuters tweet on Tyree King the 13 year-old who pointed an extremely realistic looking BB gun at a police officer, and got—predictably and deservedly—shot dead:

The gun, according to police, is the 40 X P Umarex BB Gun, $49.97 at Wal-Martl

Police: BB gun of teen killed by cop looked like firearm, Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY,September 15, 2016

The gun is extremely realistic, and the reason it's not required to have those orange "this is not a gun" tips that children's toys now have is because it's actually sort of a deadly weapon.  The adults  in the Christmas Story movie who kept saying "You'll shoot your eye out" weren't totally wrong, although even if the deceased teenager had been quicker and a crack shot, he'd have been lucky to do more than blind or disfigure the policeman who shot him.

However, let that be. I just want you to compare that racially informative headline with this one:

Mississippi man arrested in stabbing death of two nuns: police | Reuters, August 27, 2016
The "Mississippi Man" is Rodney Earl Sanders. He's a black Mississippi man. The nuns were white nuns:

So why doesn't the headline say so? Possibly there are some people Reuters is willing to whip into a frenzy of hate, and some people they want kept in ignorance.

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