Retired CIA Interrogator Explains Jihadist Beliefs about the West
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Psychologist James Mitchell logged a lot of hours chatting up vile creatures of the jihad which he recounted in his 2016 book Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying To Destroy America.

Among the many things he learned was that immigration is key to Islam’s conquest of the West, so perhaps we should end Muslim entrance to the US and Europe — assuming we are serious about cultural survival.

CIA interrogator James Mitchell interviewed 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Mitchell appeared on Fox News Sunday morning to discuss the attacks on London the previous night. He reminded Americans that, contrary to the opinion of some, Muslims understand Western culture perfectly well, but reject it nevertheless. So programs aimed at assimilation are of limited use with the jihad gang.

Responding to a question about Prime Minister Theresa May’s strategy of emphasizing the superiority of “pluralistic, British values,” Mitchell answered, “Well, I think good luck with spreading Western values. One of the pretensions that we have is that they’re just ignorant, that they just don’t know what our Western values really are. In my experience from having talked with the senior terrorists that I talked to when I was in as an interrogator for the CIA, when we were having conversations later around radicalization is that they understand Western values. They reject them, they reject them in part because Western values cannot coexist with Islam as it is practiced today.”

Mitchell further explained, “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told me in essence that our freedom of religion and our tolerance were weapons that his god had placed on earth so that they could defeat us. And that our religion, our religious freedoms would do is allow them to set up the networks they needed because thoughts are not crimes, ideas are not crimes, interacting with people are not crimes. And so we have to get smarter about where the expression of religious freedom actually becomes a crime and law enforcement needs to intercede, and to do that we need good surveillance and we need the ability to infiltrate these groups that are that are spreading this radical ideology.”

Fox Host Pete Hegseth asked, “Can they get to a point where we’re revoking citizenship or revoking status, deporting folks that are sympathetic to radical Islam or ISIS so that London can actually clean out this problem that’s in its midst?”

Mitchell replied, “It’s going to have to come to that, right? The two options that are on the table is eventually allow those folks to win in a way that completely destroys the UK’s national identity, or ordinary people have to demand that the politicians take steps to actually protect them. And if that means revoking the citizenship of people who came here under false pretenses who want to destroy the government, that’s a choice they need to make in their legislature, but it’s certainly something that may need to be done.”

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