RESULTS! Trump Administration Starts Cracking Down On Illegals In Sanctuary Cities
October 04, 2017, 12:11 PM
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It appears that the conflict with Sanctuary Cities may be coming to a head.  And the Department of Homeland Security (DHs) may actually be joining the fight.  DHS and its main interior enforcement component, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement And Removal Operations (ERO) may have decided that they have been playing Mr. Nice Guy for too long.

While there has been much Sturm Und Drang about immigration arrests, those arrests have not been increasing as fast as could be, nor have those arrests targeted non-criminal aliens as opposed to the criminal aliens that are targeted.

To date the mantra of ICE has been that they chose specific targets to arrest, generally criminal aliens, previous deportees, and those ordered deported but who have not left the United States whether it be a deportation in absentia, those benefiting from the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, or those recently ordered deported.

What has not happened is the general enforcement of immigration laws directed against illegal aliens in the United States who not near the top of the priorities for ICE, like  criminal aliens, previous deportees, absconding deportees, and gang members.  What is not happening is work-site enforcement and raids against concentrations against illegal aliens. But now it’s starting to change.

After months of complaints against Sanctuary Cities and law enforcement agencies who refuse to honor immigration detainers, it appears things may be changing.  One does not want to raise the hopes of national conservatives and patriotic immigration reformers, but this may be the beginning  of the beginning for Operation Wetback II.  This author has been long urging comprehensive immigration enforcement, as opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, e.g., an concerted effort to enforce immigration laws in general across the United States, but also targeting Sanctuary Cities and States as well.

And lo and behold, it appears that despite sabotage in the ranks of ICE, someone has got the message sent by this blog and the recalcitrance of Sanctuary Cities; enforcement must come first.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials announced Thursday they had arrested nearly 500 people in a four-day operation targeting "sanctuary cities."

The agency said it targeted individuals from across the country, in what it called "Operation Safe City," arresting 101 individuals in Los Angeles and 107 in Philadelphia. Other areas targeted include New York City, Denver, Portland, Ore., Baltimore, Cook County, Ill., Santa Clara County, Calif., Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts. The arrests reflect the Trump administration's desire to crack down on sanctuary cities, which refuse to help federal authorities enforce immigration laws.

[ICE Arrests Nearly 500 Immigrants In Sanctuary Cities, by Julia Manchester, The Hill, September 28, 2017]

Perhaps this recent action is the start of a new Operation Wetback targeting Sanctuary Cities who defy Federal immigration law.  We shall soon find out.  This could be a beautiful beginning.