Restrictionist Nation
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As immigration patriots begin taking sword & buckler down from the wall for the coming big amnesty push, Audacious Epigone (who is on a roll lately) spells out the mighty public support for vigorous enforcement of the people's laws.

[C]onsider public sentiment. In July of this year Reuters polled respondents on their positions (among four, see below) concerning three immigration-related issues germane to the discussion about Arizona's SB 1070. The Establishment regularly labels those who approve of any of said positions as "extremist", "anti-immigrant", "xenophobic", etc, and, excepting Pat Buchanan and maybe Mark Steyn, it's difficult to find a mainstream pundit who vigorously assents to any of them. Randomly open up the phone book, though, and chances are the person picking up the phone will.[The Silent Xenophobes, November 14, 2012 ]

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