Ann Coulter: Demography Is Destiny, And We Need To Return To An Immigration Policy "That Helps America And Not Just The Welfare Party"
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Ann Coulter's latest column [Demography Is Destiny, November 14, 2012] is full of good stuff, as you can guess from the title, being much franker about people voting by race than any politician or journalist usually is.(Except, of course, a Democrat politician or journalist, insisting on members of a minority group voting by race.)

As Coulter writes

A white person can vote for a Republican or a Democrat without anyone saying to him, "HOW CAN YOU VOTE AGAINST YOUR RACE?" But that is exactly how poor Hispanics and blacks are pressured into voting Democratic.

It's not just poor members of minority groups who feel the pressure—black actress Stacey Dash has been brutally attacked for supporting Romney.

However, while the title of the column is "Demography is Destiny", she doesn't feel that that means we should surrender to our new Hispanic overlords:

Running Hispanics won't help Republicans. Ask Gary Franks, Lynn Swann or Michael Steele if being black won them the black vote.

Promoting amnesty won't help — ask John McCain, who won about the same percentage of the Hispanic vote as Romney did.

Or ask California's Hispanics, only 4 percent of whom oppose Republican immigration policies. Their main beef with the GOP is that they think Republicans are "the rich."

The only hope is to run another appealing Republican candidate in four years — when we're not up against an incumbent president — and return our immigration policy to one that helps America and not just the Welfare Party.

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