Republican Candidate Diversity Efforts Stumble
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Republican minority outreach efforts to field a more diverse slate of candidates suffered a bump in the road today after Hispanic ex-con Solomon Peña, a GOP candidate for the New Mexico legislature who lost by 48 points, then claimed he was cheated, has been arrested for shooting at Democrats.

In better news for Republican diversity programs, George Santos (R-NY) was sworn in as the first ever gay Jewish Brazilian-American volleyball star GOP Congressman, shining a welcome spotlight on Republican attempts to shed their image as a party led by boring white men.

And let me tell you, Rep. Santos has quite a diverse biography. Did you know that after leading Seal Team 6 in their raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, Santos posted a white paper and 30,000 lines of code under the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto about a new financial concept he invented that he dubbed “Bitcoin?” Then …

Oh, wait …

He what?

Never mind.

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